Our Community Outreach team joined the City of North Las Vegas’s City Council in providing resources to the unhoused population at the January Jamboree.

MTM’s Nevada Community Outreach Team Joins the January Jamboree

Recently, MTM’s Nevada Community Outreach team participated in the January Jamboree, a homeless services pop-up event hosted by the City of North Las Vegas’s City Council. This event aimed to address the diverse needs of the local unhoused population by providing an array of essential services and resources.

The January Jamboree featured a comprehensive range of services and information for attendees, including housing resources, employment opportunities, legal aid, senior services, veteran services, health insurance, medical resources, mental health resources, substance abuse treatment, clothing, wheelchairs, and more. It served as a crucial lifeline for individuals experiencing homelessness, offering them a chance to access vital resources in one centralized location.

At the event, MTM’s Community Outreach team contributed to the well-being of the community by offering resources for transportation. Focused on eliminating transportation barriers faced by many Medicaid members, the team provided valuable resources related to our Nevada non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) services. For those facing the challenges of homelessness, understanding and accessing healthcare can be particularly daunting. MTM’s team played a crucial role in bridging this gap by explaining how NEMT services can remove transportation barriers, ensuring that individuals can access healthcare without hindrance.

Through the dedicated efforts of our Community Outreach team, attendees were not only connected with essential resources—they also gained a better understanding of how MTM’s NEMT services can improve their access to healthcare. This collaborative initiative underscores the power of community engagement in creating positive change and improving the lives of those in need.


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