MTM’s Approach to Removing Community Barriers


Since our inception, MTM has remained committed to our mission of removing barriers for individuals attempting to access healthcare and community services.

Across each of our service lines, we work to achieve our mission while delivering responsible, cost-effective results to clients. Our approach is a constantly evolving model that allows us to provide customized solutions that cater to each program’s unique needs. Our priorities are to:


Deliver Value to Clients

As budgets tighten and demand for healthcare and public transit services continues to rise, MTM is committed to helping clients do more with less. We look for opportunities to provide cost savings to clients at every turn, starting by negotiating fair rates with service providers. Our proven processes and automated systems methodically root out fraud, waste, and abuse and ensure that only eligible members receive services.

Whenever a member or passenger requests service, we verify eligibility, prior authorize services where necessary, and utilize an assessment process to verify the level of service required. Our goal is to provide the most cost-effective service that meets the needs of the individual, while ensuring that comprehensive, responsible decisions are made.

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Create Awareness

An education, training, and outreach program is critical to the success of any program. During implementation of any new program, and throughout the life of the contract or service, we partner with medical facilities, members, passengers, and the community at large to raise awareness and provide information on how to utilize resources. Our in-house marketing team creates training materials and informational brochures that are developed at a reading level that ensures comprehension and encourages compliance. We take advantage of opportunities to provide additional education to members, such as playing informative messages during hold times, so that our clients get the most value from our services.

Utilize the Right Technology

Technology is the heart of MTM operations, enabling us to automate processes, ensure adherence to protocols, reduce user error, and instantly access information. Our custom-built MTM Link platform was developed specifically for our purposes by our team of experts, which allows us to make adjustments as needed. This system includes a series of web-based portals and mobile apps which allow service providers, clients, and members and passengers on-demand access to information, reports, and service requests. In our customer service operations, we make use of the latest IVR technology where appropriate, but work hard to provide a balance between automation and the human touch that our friendly Customer Service Representatives provide.


Demand Quality

MTM strives to provide the highest level of service in our industry by demanding quality from employees and service providers. Working diligently to recruit and retain reliable employees, MTM provides an intensive, award-winning training process and offers career paths and bonus programs to motivate and encourage retention. These committed team members help us achieve industry-leading customer satisfaction rates that exceed 95%. Regular audits, recorded calls, and surveys help us keep our fingers on the pulse of our business and ensure that we are proactive in our continuous improvement efforts. Our services are accredited by URAC, which further demonstrates our quality commitment.


Develop the Best Networks

From high caliber networks of transportation to home healthcare providers, MTM offers consistency and high quality service to clients. We recruit, screen, negotiate, contract, credential, and train providers to establish rock-solid networks that ensure MTM is able to meet the needs of individuals anywhere in the United States, from urban areas to the most remote rural locations. Our network enjoys the convenience of online credentialing and claims management, which allows them to quickly and easily submit information and receive prompt payment. They are overseen by our Logistics team, which monitors and audits provider performance, ensures compliance, and provides service providers with resources to help them be successful.

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Be Innovative

The MTM culture promotes innovation and celebrates fresh ideas. It’s not enough to create a process that works; a commitment to continuous improvement and product development is what gives MTM a competitive advantage. All of our employees, from the ground up, are empowered to come up with creative ideas that offer a new perspective and challenge traditional thinking. MTM employees think outside the box to help our clients find solutions to their most complex problems. And even as we promote innovation within our workforce, we continue to invest in new and innovative technology, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of the healthcare and public transit industries.

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