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An easier way to manage your rides is here: MTM Link!

This new tool lets you book new rides, review existing rides, and cancel rides from your computer or mobile device. If you need to make changes to a ride you already scheduled, you will need to call us. Please call your health plan’s toll-free transportation line to make changes to your rides. If you need help finding the phone number to call, visit and follow the prompts.

Here’s a sneak peek at MTM Link, which gives you more control over your rides.

Sign in mobile screen

Sign In

Looking for a convenient way to manage your rides without calling MTM? We’re excited to introduce MTM Link! MTM Link allows you to request a ride, check on the status of a scheduled ride, or cancel a ride you no longer need, all from your computer or mobile device. All you have to do is log in.

Calendar month mobile screen

Calendar Month

Once you log in, you can see your calendar. Select a date on the calendar to review your rides for that day.

Ride review mobile screen

Ride Review

Now you can review the details for this day’s rides. You can see your ride status, pick-up time and address, drop-off address, and transportation provider information for each ride you have scheduled.

Ride cancellation mobile screen

Ride Cancellation

Need to cancel a ride? Simply click the “Cancel” button. You will receive a message that asks if you are sure you want to cancel your ride.

Request a ride mobile screen

Request a Ride

It’s also simple to request a new ride! Just click on “Request A Ride.” Select the date you need a ride, and enter in your ride details. Tell us where and when to pick you up, and where you need to be dropped off.

Return ride mobile screen

Return Ride

You can book your return ride during your trip request, or if you don’t know your return ride time, you can tell us when you’re ready. When you’re ready for pick up, just click I’m Ready. Your driver should arrive within one hour. You can track your driver’s location.

MTM Link phone screen 7

Additional Passenger

Do you have any special requests? We’re happy to accommodate your additional passenger, like a caregiver. We can also make sure you receive a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Confirm ride mobile screen

Confirm Ride

Almost there! Review your ride details and make sure everything looks correct. If everything looks right, hit submit and your ride is booked! It’s that easy.

Track your ride mobile screen

Track Your Ride

Keep tabs on your ride in real time using the Where’s My Ride? feature on the mobile app. View the status of your ride, your provider’s name, the estimated time of arrival, and a map that shows your driver’s current location. The map updates as your driver moves through the trip.

Submit your GMR claims mobile screen

Submit Your GMR Claims

Do you use gas mileage reimbursement (GMR)? You can submit your claims using the MTM Link Member mobile app! That means no more paper trip logs, and you will receive your payments quicker than ever. When you arrive at your doctor, just click the green ‘I’m Here’ button. MTM Link will match your current location against your doctor’s. Click the ‘Submit Reimbursement’ button after the location has been verified for all legs of your ride.

I'm leaving GMR button mobile screen

'I'm Leaving' GMR Button

*UPDATE* When you begin your trip from your starting address, click ‘I’m Leaving.’ You must click this button to begin your trip.
I’m Here GMR Button mobile screen

'I'm Here' GMR Button

*UPDATE* When you arrive at your doctor, click the green ‘I’m Here’ button. This will collect your location information. You must end the trip using the same mobile device you used to start the trip. If you use a different device, you will receive an error message that says we cannot process your request.

“[The MTM Link app] is a really convenient way to schedule, reschedule, or cancel me and my son’s medical trips. Very easy to use and saves so much time from calling the 800 number and setting up the trip. Would definitely recommend!”

-MTM Link User Charlene

“I love that I can schedule my own appointments more quickly. The ease of this app is much more effective than to constantly call in.”

-MTM Link User Lezlie

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