During the recent transition to MTM’s systems in Wisconsin, the MTM Community Outreach team guided stakeholders through the migration via town halls and in-person visits.

Empowering Communities: MTM Community Outreach in Action in Wisconsin

In a week-long journey across Wisconsin, the MTM Community Outreach team recently supported healthcare facilities and transportation providers statewide as MTM transitioned from Veyo’s operating systems to MTM’s system, called MTM Link. MTM acquired Veyo in 2022 and has been transitioning its non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) programs to MTM’s management since.

In Wisconsin, MTM manages NEMT services for Wisconsin Medicaid and BadgerCare Plus members who have no other way to get to their covered healthcare services. To support stakeholders during the recent transition from Veyo, MTM hosted more than a dozen in-person and virtual town halls for attendees to learn more about MTM and our systems, and to ask questions about how to use our tools.

During the in-person visits, which spanned 13 facilities—including adult day centers, dialysis facilities, hospitals, children’s behavioral health centers, and advocacy centers—the team engaged with stakeholders, providing invaluable guidance on utilizing the MTM Link platform for scheduling NEMT trips. Each interaction was a testament to MTM’s commitment to fostering accessible and reliable access to healthcare.

One standout moment occurred at Raising Hope, an advocacy center dedicated to the African American community. Our team was invited to participate in a health fair alongside local healthcare professionals, transportation providers, and Medicaid members. During the event, MTM representatives engaged with NEMT stakeholders, explaining the NEMT benefit and showing those in attendance how to use MTM’s trip scheduling tools.

Beyond simply facilitating the transition process, MTM’s team embraced the chance to connect with communities on a deeper level, forge meaningful relationships, and instill confidence in MTM’s management of the state’s NEMT program. Our Community Outreach team is committed to enhancing healthcare accessibility and collaborating with stakeholders to move the NEMT program forward. If you are a Wisconsin healthcare facility that would like more information on MTM’s services in the state, or if you need guidance on how to use the MTM Link platform, email CO-WI@mtm-inc.net.


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