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A Better Healthcare Journey

Accessing healthcare doesn’t always have to begin and end with a ride. At MTM, we believe your members deserve innovative solutions that go beyond transportation—a goal we achieve by focusing on the healthcare event and the member experience. Leveraging our expertise in logistics and healthcare, our comprehensive mobile integrated health solution delivers medical care and support when and where your members want it. 

According to CMS, as many as 61% of 911 calls can be avoided – the key is providing alternative options for non-emergency situations for individuals who live in rural locations or don’t have a vehicle. 

What is Mobile Integrated Health?

Mobile integrated health is a care delivery model that brings care to the member by coordinating resources among EMS, healthcare providers, in-home services, virtual care platforms, and the health plan. The result? Higher quality and more cost-effective member-centered care. This model aims to: 

  • Reduce hospital readmissions and provide more comprehensive post-discharge follow-up
  • Promote healthy communities through more proactive preventative care 
  • Increase access in underserved, rural, and frontier areas 
  • Reduce costs associated with non-emergent 911 calls
  • Facilitate care gap closures 

MTM's Approach vs. Traditional Community Paramedicine

Our transportation and care at home services are seamlessly integrated with EMS providers and your preferred telehealth partner, serving as your members’ one-stop shop to accessing care outside of a hospital setting. Entry points into mobile integrated health include direct interactions with your members, as well as referrals from case management, community healthcare organizations, and local fire and EMS resources. Additional outreach efforts target high utilizers of EMS, post-discharge follow-up, behavioral health support, and members with chronic illnesses. 

The Mobile Integrated Health Lifecycle

From referral management to care plan adherence, MTM’s mobile integrated health program manages all aspects of your members’ at-home care and social services needs.  

MIH process

Our model utilizes a two-tiered approach to deliver both on-demand and prescheduled care at home to your members: community paramedicine/clinical care offered by specially trained paramedics, EMTs, and other healthcare professionals, and non-clinical care offered by Nationally Certified Community Health Workers. Our team works closely with you to identify specific healthcare needs. This may include conducting an in-depth assessment and surveys to understand and identify gaps in care based on considerations like demographics, prevalent health issues, and available resources. Depending on your members’ needs, we offer a wide range of services that go beyond emergency response, including: 


Behavioral health support

Behavioral Health Support

Chronic disease management

Chronic Disease Management

Social services


Home visits


Transitional care


Medication compliance

Medication Compliance

Health education

Health Education
and Promotion

The Power of Mobile Integrated Health

MTM’s approach to mobile integrated health is designed to complement existing healthcare systems and fill gaps in service delivery, especially in areas where access to healthcare may be limited or where healthcare resources are stretched thin. According to the CDC, at the county level, up to 90% of modifiable health outcomes are related to social determinants of health such as housing, transportation, food insecurity, and education. Our approach aims to solve for these factors, improve health outcomes, reduce emergency department visits and hospital readmissions, decrease healthcare costs, and enhance overall community wellness—all while providing our clients with the analytics and outcomes data you need to support the effort. In fact, multiple national studies have shown that community paramedicine and mobile integrated health programs like MTM’s can decrease avoidable ED visits by up to 60%. 

Industry-Leading Mobile Integrated Health Technology

To support our mobile integrated health programs, MTM leverages a flexible and secure cloud-based platform that connects members with the right services and resources at the right time. The platform automates complex workflows, referrals, data integration, and reporting, while ensuring HIPAA compliance. Our clients have access to real-time trends and cost of care metrics, as well as automated daily, weekly, and ad hoc reporting and dashboards.  

Improving HEDIS Scores through Mobile Integrated Health

MTM is here to help our clients customize a mobile integrated health program that can help close gaps and improve HEDIS scores by providing both clinical and non-clinical services including care coordination and follow-up, social needs screening and referrals, health and benefits education, scheduling and transportation services, as well as coordinating screening services with healthcare partners in the community to bring the needed services to the member. 

Experience the MTM Difference

We are committed to making a positive impact on the communities we serve. Our mobile integrated health program is a testament to this commitment, aiming to revolutionize healthcare access and approaches to preventive care. We’re ready to help you create a healthier, safer, and more resilient community by empowering health and safety among your membership. 

MIH cycle

Mobile integrated health is a powerful tool that can improve health outcomes and support wellness for a variety of populations and use cases:

  • Post-Discharge Follow Up
  • Care Navigation to Non-ED Settings
  • Preventative Care
  • Chronic Disease Management, Including Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Medication Management / Compliance
  • Health Education
  • Assistance with Social Services and Community Resources to Address SDOH
  • Behavioral, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse
  • Improving Health for Women and Children
  • HEDIS Gap Closure
  • Transitional Care

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