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MTM Expands Minnesota Operations Upstate

Beginning January 1, 2019 MTM is excited to expand our Minnesota operations to include four counties in the northern portion of the state: St. Louis, Aitkin, Carlton, and Lake counties. Since 2004, MTM has provided more than 900,000 annual non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) trips for a larger consortium of counties in the St. Paul/Minneapolis metro area. This new program allows us to expand our services upstate to serve an additional 56,000 Medical Assistance recipients within the four counties. Medical Assistance is Minnesota’s Medicaid program.

According to a press release issued by St. Louis County, the four counties expect the switch to MTM’s management model to improve service quality and free up county staff, who were previously managing NEMT services in house, to perform other work.

Click here to read more in a recent article published by the Duluth News Tribune.


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