More Than Just a Ride: Elevate Your Medicare Advantage Plan with MTM

Advance your plan with MTM’s NEMT expertise and redefine excellence in Medicare Advantage.

Looking for a way to distinguish your Medicare Advantage plan, increase enrollment, and improve your plan’s ratings? Unlock your plan’s potential with MTM!

If you missed our exclusive webinar, great news: the recording is now available! Watch as we delve into the transformative power of a high-quality non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) benefit—and how MTM can help set your plan apart.

In our session, our panelists highlighted MTM’s unique approach Medicare Advantage NEMT. Learn how we prioritize customer service and offer a white glove level of service for your members through our:

  • Specialized understanding of the nuances of Medicare Advantage NEMT vs. Medicaid NEMT

  • Tailored, budget-conscious solutions

  • Premium member experience, complemented by personalized service for special needs populations

  • Human-centric approach, led by a team of Transportation Care Coordinators who provide concierge-level service to assist members and caregivers with personalized attention and guidance

  • Unparalleled technology that ensures fewer missed trips and higher on-time performance

  • Comprehensive, nationwide network of transportation providers capable of accommodating all modes of transportation—not just ambulatory members

  • Dedicated Medicare Advantage support team, including an account management team focused on increasing your STAR and HEDIS ratings, as well as CAHPS survey results.

Are you ready to transform your Medicare Advantage offerings through a comprehensive NEMT benefit? At MTM, NEMT goes beyond just a ride—it’s a catalyst for enhancing your Medicare Advantage benefits and performance. Watch to discover how we can equip you with the tools you need to improve your plan’s ratings by ensuring access to essential screenings, preventative care, in-home services, and more.

Meet Our Panelists

Alaina Macia

Alaina Maciá
President and CEO

Dawn Kotva

Dawn Kotva
Chief Operating Officer

Michele Lucas

Michele Lucas
Chief Marketing Officer

Chris Irwin

Chris Irwin
VP, National Managed Care Solutions

Debating the value a NEMT benefit can deliver to your Medicare Advantage plan? Here are some benefits you should consider:

  • Attract and Elevate: Draw in new members and elevate your plan’s reputation.
  • Enhance Health Outcomes: Give your members improved access to healthcare and enhance their health outcomes.
  • Increase Member Satisfaction: Keep your members satisfied, engaged, and more likely to stay.
  • Boost Your Ratings: Elevate your HEDIS, STAR, and CAHPS ratings.

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