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MTM Introduces New Virtual Vehicle Inspection Process

MTM, Inc. announced today that it has begun performing virtual vehicle inspections for its transportation vendors. Through the virtual vehicle inspection process, facilitated via the online video chatting service Skype, MTM strives to increase efficiency and make it quicker and easier for transportation providers to meet credentialing requirements.

Every year, each vehicle within MTM’s nationwide network must be re-inspected to ensure it meets the company’s strict expectations for passenger safety, comfort, and reliability. By deploying virtual vehicle inspections for these renewals as opposed to in-person inspections, MTM ensures more timely turnaround based on the transportation provider’s availability. Using an online request form, transportation providers have to ability to quickly request a renewal inspection and have the opportunity to complete the entire process in as little as one to two days.

“This innovative new process is an exciting enhancement to our existing credentialing measures for quality and safety assurance,” said MTM’s Director of Network Jim Wood. “Our ultimate goal is to ensure every passenger has safe, reliable access to their community, and the virtual inspection process makes sure transportation providers have the ability to quickly achieve this.”

Virtual vehicle inspections are only available for renewals. Vehicles that have never undergone an in-person inspection with an MTM Representative must do so before entering the network. If you are a transportation provider interested in scheduling a virtual renewal inspection, or if you would like to find out more about the process, visit


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