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Spring 2015 Newsletter: Putting Transportation Providers in the Driver’s Seat

MTM is excited to introduce our newest web-based tool for transportation providers marketplace-screen —Marketplace. This online dispatching tool for high performing providers allows our network to fill their schedules with short notice trips available in their service area, providing a win-win situation for every stakeholder involved: transportation providers can choose the trips that work best for them to increase their daily volume while members receive high quality transportation to their urgent healthcare appointments.

Introduced in late 2014, transportation providers to log in to Marketplace and quickly find available trips in their area that have not yet been assigned. This tool allows providers to “shop” for trips to increase their overall trip volume and fill open spots in their schedules, filtering by zip code, date, time, mode of transportation, and more. If a transportation provider finds a trip they would like to take, they simply click on the trip, review the details, and confirm their ability to provide the service. Once a provider accepts the assignment, the trip appears real-time in their Electronic Trip Download.

Initial feedback from our provider network regarding Marketplace has been extremely positive. Additionally, Marketplace is proving to be an effective tool for our growing network of Certified Community Drivers. With Marketplace, we can offer these volunteer drivers the opportunity to choose their own trips rather than have them automatically assigned. This functionality appeals to Certified Community Drivers and non-profit organizations who want to provide non-emergency medical transportation on a more sporadic basis, who are unable to commit to a long-term arrangement, or who require more flexible or seasonal schedules. This flexibility opens up our programs to a new pool of Certified Community Drivers who would otherwise be unwilling or unable to commit.

Marketplace is free for MTM’s network of transportation providers to utilize. For more information, visit


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