Virtual Vehicle Inspections

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Your time is valuable, and MTM wants to make it quicker and easier for you to meet our credentialing requirements. In an effort to increase efficiency, we are excited to announce that we now offer virtual vehicle inspections for the renewal process!

This exciting enhancement gives contracted transportation providers the ability to quickly request a renewal inspection and ensures timely turnaround for claims processing. The old inspection process could be time consuming for your company and MTM alike, taking up to two months to complete. Your company will no longer have to undergo this lengthy process for inspection renewals, with the opportunity to complete the renewal in as little as one to two days. Additionally, you now have the flexibility to schedule inspections based on your availability—without having to move your vehicles to a specific location.

Please note that virtual vehicle inspections are only available for renewals. Vehicles that have never undergone an in-person inspection with an MTM Representative must do so before entering the network.

The new renewal inspection process is simple:

Virtual vehicle inspection steps

Before you submit a renewal inspection request, make sure you have the following items:

  • An additional person to assist during the inspection
  • A Skype username and password
  • The Skype application downloaded on your smart phone
  • A basic thermometer, available at Wal-Mart or a drugstore
  • All items listed on the Inspection Sheet

Helpful Resources


To learn more about virtual vehicle inspections and how to use all of its features, register for training.


My experience with virtual car inspections was the best experience I ever had. It was much easier doing the inspection without wasting any time or canceling any trips. I’m hoping that you will continue to do virtual inspections because it is very convenient for transportation providers.

Please note that the virtual vehicle inspection process is not available for transportation providers in Texas at this time.

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