Make-A-Wish Kayden's Wish

MTM and Make-A-Wish Help Kayden’s Dream Come True

In 2021, MTM is proud to partner with the Make-A-Wish Foundation through our MTM Giving program. Our partnership allows us to help grant the often life-changing wishes of children with critical illnesses.

Meet Kayden, one of the children MTM has been able to help through our donation to the foundation. We recently helped grant Kayden’s wish to have his own Labrador puppy. Since witnessing the joy Kayden had on his face when he would interact with dogs at his school, his family knew having a puppy of his own would change his life.

“For years, we have tried to get Kayden to open his hand to new textures, but he always refused,” his family said. “After Kayden’s teacher brought her therapy dog to class, he made so much great progress in a short time. We knew his wish would be to have a dog and can’t wait until his puppy, Bella, is a little older and trained so they can be partners for life!”

Kayden was born two months early and has faced health challenges since birth. He was diagnosed with an incredibly rare chromosomal disorder called Fryns syndrome. Typically, infants diagnosed with Fryns syndrome do not survive past their first 48 hours of life–but Kayden is the exception. Due to his reduced vision and hearing, his sense of touch is highly sensitive. When Bella was delivered, he immediately put his hand on her. You can already tell that Kayden and Bella have an inseparable bond!

Thank you to the Make-A-Wish Foundation for allowing MTM to help make such a special wish come true!


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