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Iowa’s Service Management Portal and Other Resources

MTM is pleased to announce that our Service Management Portal (SMP) is available for your convenience. We understand that it can be time consuming to set up transportation for patients. SMP allows facilities the opportunity to schedule transportation online at their convenience – 24/7/365. For routine rides with two business days’ advance notice, there will be no need to call or fax trip requests to MTM.  You will be able to set, modify, and delete patient’s rides from your desk and will have complete oversight of their transportation needs.  The easy to follow instructions and drop-down menus allow for quick scheduling. For further information or to set up a Web-Ex introductory educational session, please contact our Education, Training, and Outreach coordinator at #ETO-IA@

Iowa Resources

MTM is committed to affording medical facilities in Iowa a seamless, successful transportation delivery to United Healthcare’s Medicaid members.  We want to be the best partner possible for your facility, ensuring that your members are served appropriately.  MTM offers several dedicated resources to your staff for scheduling rides for members and delivering support services:

  • How to Request Transportation:
    • Routine transportation: 1-888-513-1613
      • Requires 2 business days’ notice
    • Hours of operations: 7:30am-6:00pm
      • Urgent appointments can be requested 24/7
    • Trip Request Forms: fax to 1-877-892-3990 or email to VACSCOT@
    • Routine trips can be set up through the Service Management Portal (SMP):
    • Inquire about transportation or concerns with a delay in the transportation: 1-888-513-1613
  • Quality Management:
    • If you have a concern that you would like to report, please contact United Healthcare Member Services 1-800-464-9484


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