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MTM Launches Home Healthcare Management Service

Medical Transportation Management, Inc. (MTM) announced that it has officially launched a new service offering to assist health plans in managing home healthcare for dual eligible Medicare and Medicaid populations. The new Home and Community Based Services program will support health plans by reaching members in their homes, carefully assessing an individual’s holistic needs in their personal environment to set realistic and attainable goals, and finally coordinating a course of treatment that offers the most significant impact on the member’s overall health and quality of life. MTM will also offer innovative solutions for transitional care and emergency room diversion.

“MTM is best known for building and managing large transportation networks to deliver non-emergency medical transportation for managed care organizations and state and county governments. Through that work, we have developed unique procedures and technologies that align incentives, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction in the healthcare arena,” said Alaina Maciá, President and CEO of MTM. “This makes our entry into the home healthcare market a natural evolution. We can provide quality oversight, professional management, and back-to-basic house calls to, what is now, a very fragmented market.”

“Our care management expertise lends us naturally into working with members as they are discharged from care and ensures they successfully migrate into their home-based setting, reducing hospital readmissions. Similarly, we will work with populations that rely too heavily on emergency room care by using behavioral health techniques to move them to more appropriate and lower cost healthcare treatment,” continued Maciá.

This new model to the healthcare market will be introduced through a team of care managers, network development, quality management personnel, home and community based healthcare clinicians, and rehabilitation and behavioral health therapists.


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