New Pure Plates Items and Discounts

Pure Plates is stepping up their presence on MTM’s Lake St. Louis campus! After observing trends, they’ve made some big adjustments and added some awesome new items, including their Greek Chicken Wrap, Turkey Lettuce Wraps, Pumpkin Muffins, and their Asian Chicken Salad.

“As you can imagine, being a new “healthy” food concept restaurant in St. Louis, we get a ton of questions. One of the most popular is, “What makes us different?” And it’s a question we love answering because it cuts to the core of why we opened Pure Plates. Pure Plates offers convenient, prepared, truly healthy and affordable meals you can either grab on-the-go, order online or have delivered to your doorstep.

And when we say they are “healthy,” we mean it. That isn’t just some marketing speak as we go to great lengths to make sure our menu is 100% gluten free, low in sodium and we add absolutely NO sugars, butters, margarines, processed oils, artificial sweeteners or processed ingredients (which we refer to as CRAP) into our meals.

We source only ORGANIC produce, clean meats and mostly non-GMO grains which is important because many of the issues that you will find in most restaurant foods stem from the fact that they are not organic, clean or nutritionally dense. This not only makes our food the healthiest you will find anywhere in St. Louis, but you’ll be blown away at how flavorful healthy food can taste when prepared right!”

See what goes into their foods, and why their customers are so happy:

They even have a blog featuring all kids of wellness ideas, like stress’s effect on the body, main reasons we eat unhealthy foods, sugar alternative ideas, and more:

The new menu, as well as MTM-only discounts, is as follows:

Pure Plates New Menu


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