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Texas Transportation with MTM in the New Year

With school back in session and the holidays wrapping up, more road noise, traffic, and possibly accidents will come with the new year. MTM always wants to ensure members receive the best customer service and safest transportation service possible. To make this happen, we need your help! Below are a few tips on how we can work together to ensure members are always satisfied with our service:

  1. Please call MTM at least 48 business hours prior to any non-emergency medical appointment to ensure we are able to accommodate the member’s request.
  2. Please notify MTM immediately if there is a change or cancellation to a member’s appointment.
  3. Please call MTM for member pick-up after the member has completed their appointment.
  4. Please keep in mind that our transportation providers have up to one hour to pick up members after a pick-up call is placed.
  5. If a member’s transportation provider does not arrive after one hour, please contact MTM’s Where’s My Ride line; the number for MTO regions is 1-844-549-8357 and for SDA 2, 1-888-513-0706.


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