Quality Assurance Webinar

Quality Assurance Webinar

Accessible transit comes with plenty of challenges that can monopolize time and resources. Responding to passenger complaints, monitoring transportation providers in the field, ensuring ADA compliance, and overseeing call center performance may require more attention than is available after so many operational needs are met. In this webinar, MTM panelists discuss how our dedicating personnel, creating customized processes, and implementing quality assurance programs for clients has increased transportation provider and customer satisfaction, improved processes, and freed resources for other aspects of transportation offerings.

MTM reviews administrative and operational functions, analyzes service trends, and reports clear findings and recommendations for program improvements in our quality assurance efforts. For our clients, this has resulted in increased transportation provider compliance, customer satisfaction, and program productivity. Quality Assurance is a necessity for guaranteeing the future of vital accessible transit, as well as growing and improving service in a responsible, effective manner.

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