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Transportation Provider Spotlight: Rhode Island’s L&R Transportation

Owned by Mouf Liassou, Rhode Island‘s L&R Transportation, LLC was established in 2013 and has been running strong for the past eight years. Mouf is proud to be an owner operator where he can be at the forefront of his day-to-day business. Realizing how important excellent customer service is in this industry, he focuses on being hands-on with every aspect of his business. His approach is clearly successful, as MTM receives numerous compliments from Rhode Island Medicaid members and medical facilities about the excellent service L&R Transportation provides. Here’s just one example:

“Good morning, I just wanted to share my compliments about L&R Transportation. I am the director at a Senior Center and this company has been one of two amazing companies that serve our senior citizens. They have been an amazing help and they have gotten to know and understand all of our seniors. I wanted to let MTM know how amazing of a company they are.”

L&R Transportation began with just one vehicle and eventually grew to several vehicles. Unfortunately, during the pandemic Mouf had to make tough decisions and changes within his company. Thankfully, L&R Transportation weathered the storm and today is looking at steadily getting back to where they were by making moves to grow with MTM once again.

Mouf’s desire to start his transportation business stemmed from wanting to help people to get to and from their medical appointments. Before he decided to venture into the transportation business, he was a manager of a group home and saw firsthand the need for safe transportation. Mouf also enjoys getting to meet many people from varying backgrounds. Mouf’s wife, Jasmine, also works at a group home. They have two children, have lived in Rhode Island for 20 years, and look forward to continuing to provide their excellent transportation services for years to come!

Thank you to Mouf and the L&R Transportation team for your continued dedication to serving Rhode Island members!


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