Meet Chris Irwin, Senior Vice President, Managed Care Solutions. Chris works closely with our MCO partners to optimize service and drive integrated solutions.

MTM Welcomes Chris Irwin as Senior Vice President, Managed Care Solutions

MTM is pleased to announce the appointment of Chris Irwin as Senior Vice President, Managed Care Solutions. In his new role at MTM, Chris will oversee MTM’s nationwide operations with Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), working closely with operational teams to optimize service delivery and drive strategies aimed at improving quality outcomes. With a focus on integrated solutions, Chris will leverage his extensive experience in healthcare relationship management to develop and strengthen our connections with MCOs, as well as shape our strategy for managed care growth.

Prior to joining MTM, Chris served as the National Director of Innovative Solutions for Global Medical Response, where he led a team of experts in the medical transportation industry. Chris’s exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, coupled with his innovative problem-solving abilities, enabled him to develop strong, long-term partnerships that delivered performance enhancements and bottom-line improvements. Chris brings to MTM more than 10 years of experience in the medical transportation industry, as well as seven years of experience managing logistics operations in the passenger aircraft industry. He is a graduate of Kent State University and received his MBA from Tiffin University.

Chris’s background in strategic growth and product development will be instrumental in driving innovation at MTM. By closely listening to health plan challenges and staying updated on developments within the industry, he will help develop solutions that align with the vision of both MTM and our clients. Chris will also provide a valuable MCO perspective, which will help MTM identify opportunities to scale Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) and Medicare Advantage NEMT solutions with our MCO partners.

“Chris’s dynamic leadership, strategic growth experience, and exceptional relationship management abilities will be instrumental in driving forward the solutions we offer to our MCO partners,” said Chief Operating Officer Dawn Kotva. “With Chris on board, we are confident in our ability to deliver even more impactful solutions that improve member health outcomes.”

Welcome to MTM, Chris!


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