Join Our Transportation Service Provider Network


MTM is always recruiting high quality service providers to become part of our network. In particular, we seek the following types of service providers throughout the country:

  • Transportation providers, including those with sedans, vans, wheelchair lift vehicles, and stretcher vans
  • Ambulance providers
  • Home health aides and skilled nurses
  • Homemaking and Personal Care Assistants (PCAs)
  • Home infusion and pharmacy providers
  • Durable Medical Equipment (DME) providers
  • Home and vehicle modification contractors
  • Meal providers
  • Therapy and rehabilitation assistants
  • Translators
  • Pest control solutions
  • Equine, canine, and art therapists

Joining our network consists of application, credentialing, and contracting phases–processes that a dedicated Contract Representative will work hand-in-hand with you to complete.


Complete and submit a letter of intent, which details the types of services you offer, your service area, hours of availability, and company contact information.


MTM will draft a Service Agreement/Contract and reimbursement schedule for your company, which includes the requirements set forth by our Provider Guidelines. Once the signed contracts are returned to MTM, we will create an online credentialing profile for your company. You will then submit all required documentation through this profile. Training on our online systems, including our MTM Link platform, is available.


Before you can perform any service for MTM, you must submit insurance documentation, driver/staff lists, driver/staff criminal background checks (where applicable), and other required credentials to MTM through your online portal. When the credentialing process in complete, a Contract Representative will conduct an initial site visit to evaluate your office location and equipment, perform any necessary vehicle inspections, and answer any questions.

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