Community Driven: Creating Networks of Community Drivers


Building Volunteer Networks

Do you have your own car? Can you spare a few hours a week to help members of your community safely travel to their healthcare services and live healthier lives?

Every day, MTM transports thousands of passengers who have no other way to get to their medical appointments. Certified Community Drivers are an important component of our operations, helping us achieve our mission of reducing community barriers and increasing access to healthcare.

Through our volunteer program, Community Driven, MTM is currently seeking volunteer drivers to assist passengers in getting around their communities. Volunteering with MTM is an excellent way to give back to your community while setting your own hours. For every trip you complete, you will be reimbursed based upon mileage.

If you’re interested in pursuing the rewarding task of volunteering with MTM, fill out the form on the right. An MTM recruiter will contact you soon to discuss opportunities in your community. You could be taking trips in as little as two weeks!

Help MTM become Community Driven and join our network of volunteers to connect with passengers, create lasting relationships, and remove community barriers.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering to drive is truly an act of altruism; our Certified Community Drivers are dedicated to giving back to their community. In many cases, volunteers are seniors themselves who enjoy driving and are seeking a way to remain active in their community while helping others.

Through our Community Driven Program, volunteers achieve personal growth and a feeling of accomplishment while enjoying:

  1. The chance to help passengers retain independent living, dignity, and freedom
  2. Training opportunities
  3. Mileage reimbursement for their services
  4. The ability to set their own schedule and service areas

Here’s what our Certified Community Drivers have to say about their experience volunteering:

The challenges of others are hard to imagine sometimes. I’ve watched the struggles from afar, wishing I could do something to make a difference or make someone feel better. With MTM, I feel as if I’m making a difference every day in the lives of those unable to get to their medical appointments. I’ve met some really wonderful people who appreciate the service they get, as I open doors for them, carry bags when needed, and drive. When a lady said to me, ‘You really care, don’t you?,’ it made my day.

Safety is our priority points

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