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MTM Receives Innovation of the Year Award

LAKE SAINT LOUIS, MO, – Medical Transportation Management, Inc. (MTM) announced today that it has been awarded the Innovation of the Year Award by the Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged (CTD).  MTM received the award as a result of their success in coordinating and managing transportation services in Martin County, Florida.

An independent commission of the Florida Department of Transportation, the CTD ensures the availability of efficient, cost-effective, and quality services for transportation disadvantaged persons.  Each year, the Florida CTD recognizes a county transportation coordinator that has exhibited innovative, creative, and effective approaches to coordinating transportation to meet the unique needs of the community.

MTM assumed the role of Community Transportation Coordinator for Martin County on January 1, 2009.  MTM began implementing innovative strategies to improve the quality of life for the transportation disadvantaged by increasing community access while providing a high level of customer service.

MTM was successful in obtaining two New Freedom Grants, which enabled the County to introduce night and weekend service to urban and rural areas of Martin County.  MTM now provides over 200 trips per month on nights and weekends.  The company also assisted the county in designing new fixed routes, expanding current routes, and identifying additional bus stop locations to improve transportation access for residents.

MTM’s innovative and customer focused approach has maximized cost efficiencies for Martin County during a time of economic hardship.  MTM has been successful in scheduling more trips at less cost to the county, while improving customer service, decreasing scheduling lead-time, and simplifying transportation requests.

MTM CEO, Alaina Macia said, “I am thrilled that MTM was awarded the Innovator of the Year award.  We look forward to continuing to bring new and innovative ideas into Martin County, as well as to the other communities we serve.”


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