Lisa Sanders accepting the award on behalf of the Florida Team

Florida CTD Names MTM Urban Community Transportation Coordinator of the Year

MTM is honored to announce that Florida’s Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged (CTD) recognized us as the Urban Community Transportation Coordinator (CTC) of the Year for our operations in Martin County, Florida. The award—which distinguishes one CTC each year for their outstanding performance and service to transportation disadvantaged populations in Florida—is a prestigious honor for MTM, who has served as Martin County’s CTC since 2009.

Martin County’s transportation disadvantaged community includes Medicaid members, individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities, the elderly, rural residents, and the economically disenfranchised. Over the past eight years, MTM has worked with the CTD and the County to ensure safe, reliable multimodal transportation for these populations while implementing several initiatives to improve transportation service and educate the community. In Fiscal Year 2016/2017, MTM performed nearly 5,500 trips in the County—an 18.5% increase over the previous year—all while maintaining excellent on-time performance that exceeds contractual expectations.

“I’m proud of the outstanding service MTM provides to Martin County residents,” said MTM’s Florida Program Director Lisa Sanders. “We are making great strides in the local community to improve transportation availability, including operating under extended service hours and quickly implementing new protocols to allow transportation up to 25 miles outside of county lines—a feat that sets our system apart from others and allows riders to access a broader array of destinations to fulfill their needs. Meanwhile, our complaint rate is at the lowest ever. We’re proud that our members are so happy with our service.”

Other initiatives MTM has taken on to improve transportation resources for Martin County’s transportation disadvantaged include:

  • Improving the deviated fixed routes we created in the County in 2015, which were developed to serve remote areas of the community and provide riders with access to shopping, medical care, and more—services that the spatially alienated community wouldn’t otherwise have access to.
  • Helping able riders transition to public transit with the help of our local Travel Trainer, who teaches individuals how to safely and independently access public transit services.
  • Partnering with local organizations to help Martin County’s rising homeless population access healthcare, including assisting with the installation of a bus stop at the Salvation Army.
  • Engaging community members through our Provide-a-Ride volunteer program, which provides volunteer-based transportation to riders in need.

Congratulations to our Florida team for receiving this prestigious honor!


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