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In the News: MTM Featured in the March Issue of Technology Magazine

By creating an ecosystem of collaborative partnerships fueled by innovation, MTM strives to remove community barriers and bring a whole-person approach to healthcare. This approach was recently featured in the March issue of Technology Magazine, where our President and CEO Alaina Maciá shared how we have developed innovative solutions that promote independence, remove barriers, and help connect community resources with the people that need them.

Check out a sneak peak of the profile in the excerpt below, and click here to read the full article in Technology Magazine starting on page 92.

By focusing on doing the right things, MTM has created a beautiful thing: an ecosystem of collaborative partnerships, fueled by innovation, all focused on the same goal— removing community barriers and bringing a whole-person approach to healthcare while doing right by our planet, and its people.

Having experienced immense growth over the last ten years, MTM now runs an estimated 20 million trips per year and is the number one private healthcare transportation provider in the USA, across 32 states. And with good reason.

“Our real mission as a company is to remove barriers to individuals to access community and resources,” said President and CEO Alaina Maciá. “But what we really want to do is accommodate people so that getting their health care is easy and cost-effective. That’s why we exist.” 

MTM is re-imagining healthcare with a value-based business model focused on identifying and removing the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) that are the cause of health disparities through a holistic, whole-person approach that drives client value and promotes superior outcomes by focusing on the well-being of members. By expanding into providing services such as meals, groceries, and home modifications, MTM is hoping to further assist those who want to age in place so they can do so safely, happily, and healthily.

Following their commitment to taking a whole-person approach to healthcare, MTM further plans to extend its service.  Maciá says, “As the population ages and wants to age in place, we want to transport them where they need to go, but we also want to bring services to them. So we’re expanding our platform to allow for meals and grocery, as well as home care coordination and home modifications. Because as people age in place, they need modifications to their homes like turning a tub into a shower, et cetera. And we believe our job is to help people age in place, happy and healthy.”


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