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Service Management Portal Access

MTM is pleased to announce our Service Management Portal (SMP) is available for your convenience. We understand that it can be time consuming to set up transportation for your patients. SMP allows facilities the opportunity to schedule transportation online at their convenience – 24/7/365. Schedule both routine rides and standing orders in advance with our easy-to-use web portal. See the MTM Resource Guide below for routine trip Days’ Notice Guidelines. The program is user friendly and requires no faxing or calling MTM. The easy-to-follow instructions and drop down menus allow for quick scheduling for your StayWell, WellCare or AHCA Fee for Service (straight Medicaid) patients.

For further information on how to register, please contact an Education, Training and Outreach Coordinator at #ETO-FL@

Resource Directory

  • To schedule a ride/if a ride is late:
    • For StayWell WellCare Medicaid members: 1-866-591-4066
    • For AHCA Fee for Service (Straight Medicaid) members: 1-844-239-5974
  • To find a patient’s health care plan:
    • AHCA (Agency for Healthcare Administration) :  800-273-5880 or 877-254-1055.
  • For compliments/complaints:
    • AHCA FFS (Straight Medicaid) – Call the We Care Line: 1-866-436-0457 or email QM@
    • StayWell – Call 866-591-4066
    • WellCare Medicare – Call 855-824-5700
    • WellCare Medicaid Duals – Call 866-591-4066
  • To schedule MTM presentations, training, one-on-one meetings or to address additional needs or concerns of your facility, contact an Education, Training & Outreach Coordinator:


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