A Flexible Remote Work Environment: What Flexibility Looks Like at MTM

With a year and a half-plus of a nearly 100% work from home model under our belt, MTM has realized the majority of our employees prioritize a flexible remote work environment. While we are beginning to implement our part-time return to office plan to allow for teambuilding and connection, giving our employees power to own their productivity has helped our teammates be more successful in both their professional and personal lives.

In this video clip, our President and CEO Alaina Macia explains exactly what a flexible remote work environment means at MTM, why we transitioned quickly to a work from home model as soon as COVID-19 hit, and why we trust our employees with the workplace flexibility they’ve earned. Click play on the video in the header area of this post to see the clip and hear straight from Alaina how workplace flexibility fits into our culture and future.

Looking from a work from home position that balances responsibility and flexibility? Check out our open careers!


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