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Education, Training, and Outreach in Iowa

Since MTM began service in Iowa on April 1st, our Education, Training and Outreach team has been busy spreading the word to MTM’s and United Healthcare’s (UHC) stakeholders. Our main focus has been to reach out to as many facilities that will utilize MTM’s services as possible, so their UHC members will have access to the transportation they need.  This task has led us to travel throughout the state, attending IME/MCO town-halls, association, and facility meetings, as well as seminars and conferences alongside UHC’s outreach team.  When not working beside UHC, we have been providing outreach to over 120 hospitals, all 67 dialysis facilities, over 200 skilled nursing faculties, and a number of behavioral health/drug and alcohol rehabilitation institutions.  Not only have we provided outreach; we are educating and training facilities on MTM’s Service Management Kyle BissellPortal.

“It is fulfilling to know that we have provided our ETO services to facilities and that their UHC members will now be able to access transportation as needed.  It makes me proud to work for a company that is doing more than just arranging transportation. We truly are removing barriers.  If your facility would like more information on accessing transportation for your UHC Medicaid members, feel free to contact me at #ETO-IA@” -Kyle Bissell, Education, Training and Outreach Coordinator


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