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Credential Renewal Knowledge

MTM requires our transportation providers to re-credential their fleet of vehicles and drivers annually. This time of year tends to be a popular time for those renewals. Our Network Team makes sure that our transportation providers have all of the necessary information to update credentials on time.  As soon as six weeks prior to the expiration date of any credential renewal period, providers they receive notification via email.  Providers should be receiving multiple notices to increase awareness, in an effort to prevent drivers, vehicles, and insurance documents from expiring. When a provider has a credential that is due to expire, it is crucial that they upload the renewal as soon as possible.  Our credentialing team has up to 10 days to approve or deny a credential or to request additional or corrected information.  The 10-day period is ample time to upload those corrected documents for approval before the expiration date.  If the credential is not uploaded and approved by the credentialing team by the time of expiration, the provider risks falling into an expired status, which would not allow them to run trips.

Where’s My Ride?
What happens if you have set up transportation for a UHC Medicaid member and the transportation provider is more than 15 minutes late for the pick-up time?  You should call MTM at 888-513-1613 and speak with a customer service representative.  They will document your information and take the necessary steps to rectify the situation.  If you need to file a formal concern, our CSR’s will be able to transfer you to UHC’s resolution line.


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