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Greetings from Your Operations Manager

Ray Rodriguez

Greetings, partners! As the transportation broker for United Healthcare in Iowa, it is my pleasure to say that MTM looks forward to working with you. Our operations recently moved to our new office located at Century II Building, 1415 28th St. Suite 175, West Des Moines, Iowa 50266. As we move into the winter season, we are continuing to make great strides in communication and outreach with our facilities. Our Education, Training and Outreach Coordinator, Kyle Bissell, is continuing to visit facilities across the state to address concerns such as transportation timeliness, setting appointments, and timeliness of responses to facility complaints. MTM also continues to educate transportation providers on the importance of vendor timeliness and quality, and the standards that they must meet. We are excited about the direction our newly implemented program is taking us toward, both facility and member satisfaction wise. Please feel free to reach out to Kyle with any issues or concerns you may have.

Please remember that my door is always open to you. I welcome suggestions and feedback to help MTM continue to provide the exceptional service that we are known for. -Ray Rodriguez, Iowa Operations Manager


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