Safety Tips to Consider

There are many unique driving hazards to be aware of in order to help prevent accidents. MTM has a list of potential driving hazards to be aware of to ensure your safety on the roadways:

  • Traffic Congestion: The nicer the weather, the more people are on the road, including potentially dangerous drivers. Be sure to practice defensive driving techniques in heavy traffic. Be sure to maintain your four seconds of following distance to allow time to avoid hazards.
  • Road Construction: Road crews are hard at work repairing our nation’s roads and highways. Construction zones require extra caution and slower speeds due to adjusted traffic lanes and driving in close proximity to workers. Be sure to adhere to speed, lane requirements, and safety controls within these areas.
  • Travelers: Families pack up their vehicles to go across country on summer vacations. However, their vehicles may not be packed properly or securely. Make sure to allow extra following distance behind vehicles that don’t seem to be properly secured. The vacation seasoSummer Safety Tipsn also means that other drivers on the road may be unfamiliar with their surroundings. Be watchful for vehicles making risky merges and lane changes.
  • Trailers: Boats and camper trailers make their annual appearances during the summer months and the drivers towing them might not have much experience doing so. Be mindful of trailers swerving behind their tow vehicle or in the wind.
  • Motorcycles: With nicer weather, it’s the perfect time for drivers to take their motorcycles out for a summer ride. Make sure that your mirrors are properly adjusted, and be extra careful of motorcyclists in your blind spots.
  • Dangerous Drivers: Summer is the time for evening cookouts and parties, but this also brings the potential for individuals to get behind the wheel after they’ve had too much to drink. Especially around the holidays, watch out for impaired drivers, and distracted drivers on the road.

Be aware of your surroundings and the driving behavior of those traveling around you. Drive safe, and make it the first priority every day, at work and play, home or away.


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