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MTM Ohio Resource Guide

MTM wants to be the best partner for your facility to ensure your patients are served appropriately. Below you can find resources to guide your staff in scheduling transportation and delivering support services.

Hospital Discharges

Did you know that you can call MTM when a UHC or Gateway Health patient needs transportation home from the hospital? MTM considers hospital discharges to be urgent. Our transportation providers will be happy to take your patients home from the hospital; however, please remember the provider must add this unscheduled trip to their schedule.

To help ensure that your patients are picked up as quickly as possible, please call us to schedule their ride home as soon as you know that the patient will be discharged – even if the discharge will be later in the day. For example, if you know at 9 a.m. that a patient will be discharged in the afternoon, you should call MTM that morning. This will allow us to give transportation providers advanced notice to add this trip to their schedule. Additionally, please provide the customer service representative the exact pick-up location for the patient (i.e. emergency room waiting area, hospital lobby, 4th floor nurses desk etc.). Any changes to the trip should be reported to MTM as soon as possible.

We want to make sure our members leave your facility in a timely manner and get to the comfort of home as soon as possible! Another way to ensure this is to tell us if you have relationships with specific transportation providers (i.e. ambulatory, wheelchair, and ambulance providers). Please reach out to your ETO Coordinator today with your preferred provider to help decrease your discharge or transfer times! *If your preferred provider is not contracted with MTM, MTM will exhaust all means to align you with a transportation provider in an effort to reduce your discharge or transfer time.

To schedule a ride/If a ride is late (reservation lines are answered 24/7):

  •  Gateway Health: 866-670-3063
    • Routine appointments require 3 business days’ notice
    • Urgent appointments can be made 24/7
  • UnitedHealthcare
    • Community Plan (Straight Medicaid): 800-895-2017
    • MME Duals, Waiver and MyCare OH: 855-201-8342
    • Routine appointments require 48 hours’ notice
    • Urgent appointments can be made 24/7

For compliments/complaints:

  • Email: QM@
  • Phone:
    • Gateway Health: 888-447-4505
    • UnitedHealthcare:
      Community Plan (Straight Medicaid) 800-895-2017
      MME Duals, Waiver and MyCare OH 877-542-9236

To learn more about MTM:

To schedule MTM presentations, training, one-on-one meetings or to address additional needs or concerns of your facility:

For information about joining the MTM provider network:

For information about becoming a certified community driver with MTM’s Community Driven program:

  • MTM is recruiting only in Ashland, Columbiana, Franklin, Jefferson, Mahoning, Richland, Stark, and Trumbull Counties at this time.


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