Director of Operations and Network Management Messages

Kyle Collett“Greetings from the Florida Team! Last year, we experienced some challenges in the form of wet weather. The state was on high alert for hurricane Hermine, which ultimately resulted in power outages affecting about 325,000 people, a five foot storm surge, and 23 inches of rainfall. MTM’s Network and Education, Training, and Outreach (ETO) teams sprang into action, making sure that critical members did not experience service interruptions. On a more positive note, we hosted another successful Town Hall Meeting in the Tampa area, where our very own Area Liaison again presented her provider audit and inspection notebooks. In October, we hosted our Third Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Walk in Stuart! You can read more about both of these events below. We’re looking forward to a bright 2017 with our facilities by our side.” –Kyle Collett, Florida Director of Operations

Network Management: Best Practices for a Successful Transportation Provider Audit

Valerie Hines, Area Liaison, has been with MTM for more than a year, and has developed a best practice for providers to have a successful audit. See how Valerie’s innovative thinking is helping our transportation providers here in Florida:

“When I started doing the provider audits, I ran into a lot of issues with the transportation providers not knowing exactly what they were required to have to pass the audit. I saw an opportunity to help them keep their records organized. I came up with examples to help providers better understand how and what is required of them by creating binders for the following ideas:

  • Training Curriculum: gives examples for what training is required of whom
  • Pre-Trip Inspections: offers different types of inspection sheets and allows for individual vehicle records
  • Maintenance Records: allows each vehicle to have its own file
  • Classified Personnel Files: six sections to keep records organized

During town hall meetings, I have a display of each binder, as well as the items needed to pass a vehicle inspection. We’ve observed much smoother auditing since the presentation of the binders at the meetings and are excited about further improvement!” -Valerie Hines, Area Liaison


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