Employee throwing a pie at another employee for the fundraiser

Network’s AHA Pie Throw Fundraiser

Lake St. Louis’ Heart Walk Fundraising team hosted a unique event to raise money for the American Heart Association last Thursday, March 31st. Their team captain, Arthur Dodson, recounted his feelings behind the seemingly riskier promotion:

“In our fundraising efforts for the American Heart Association, the Network Department decided we wanted to have fun.  When brainstorming what we could do to raise funds, one of the ideas that was mentioned was a pie throw. We would put out cans with each of the managers’ faces on them, including our directors and even our VP, and would allow for cash to be directly placed into the cans as a sort of voting tool.  The cans with the two highest dollar amounts would be the lucky recipients of some well-placed whipped cream pies. 

Not everyone likes to have a whipped cream pie crammed in their face, but a good time was had by all of the attendees as well as our two VP’s who were pied. What great sports they are for stepping up for a great cause.  The event raised $270.00 for the American Heart Association!  A strong step in the right direction towards our overall goal.”



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