NV future leaders

Nevada’s Future Leaders

We’re excited to introduce Nevada’s new leadership team! These individuals began their extensive training last week. They’ve already completed LEAD training, as well as their New Hire Orientation and MTM Operations training. In the upcoming weeks, they’ll be learning many MTM trades from many MTM leaders across the country. Sandy will be travelling to LSL next week to work with Sherry Moore, Stacy Whittington, Mary Stewart, and Jocelyn Hickman, among many other departments to gain an in depth understanding of their CSC operations. Doreen will be travelling to the WI CSC to work closely with Shane Oskins and the WI team to gain a first-hand understanding of the CSC there in action. The Nevada team is very passionate about providing high quality service with genuine care for the Nevada member population and is excited to bring a much valuable experience to the MTM family! 

(Left to right) Doreen Orlando, NV CSC Supervisor
Sandy Stanko, NV program Director
Dave Coppock, NV Transportation Manager
Tammy Reid, NV Training Specialist
Rashad Norris, NV Network Liaison
Se’Rita Covarrubias, NV CSC Manager


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