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Young Professionals Mentoring Program Update

In October, we announced the MTM employees selected to participate in the Young Professionals Mentoring Program Sponsored by AAIM.   They are now mid-way through the program, and each participant has experienced tremendous professional growth:

Melissa Frandsen, Appointment Validation Specialist

Melissa Frandsen

“The “30 Under 30” program has really helped grow me as a professional in the workplace.  I have taken away a lot of tools from the discussion topics that I’ll be able to use in my roles here at MTM.  I have also been able to network with other professionals thanks to the volunteer and networking events that this program provides.  I am excited to continue developing my skills and expertise in order to be the biggest asset to MTM.”.

Jamie Finley, HCBS Network Representative

Jamie Ferguson

“AAIM’s goal is to provide young professionals exclusive training to help them achieve their career aspirations. I have been lucky enough to be part of this program and the networking events they provide.  I have been able to volunteer at the St. Louis ZOO and meet staff that volunteer there as well. My favorite networking event was called Business In These Crazy Heels. It was founded by women in an effort to connect to other powerful women. It was great to meet other women that work in Business and get advice and share advice. I have learned so much from the monthly lectures; either on how to handle my Personal Finance to learning how to communicate with different types of personality traits in the workplace. Being part of the AAIM mentorship has developed my view on networking and how important it is to further your business career.”

Laura Barton, Manager, Utilization Management

Laura Barton

“While participating in the 30 Under 30 program with AAIM, I have learned skills that have helped with my personal growth as an employee as well as information I am able to pass along to my staff.  I have also made connections with people in MTM, I would not normally work with, as well as meeting people outside of MTM through volunteering and networking events.”

Lauren Casida, Network Training Coordinator

Lauren Casida

“Given the opportunity to participate in the “30 under 30” mentorship program for MTM has been nothing short but an amazing experience for me. Not only have I learned new techniques and skills that I am able to apply to my everyday life here at MTM, but I have also had the pleasure meeting and networking with many other young professionals like myself from many other corporations and businesses. This program has definitely gotten me out of my comfort zone in many different occasions from just participating in the lectures, to attending networking events like “Business In These Crazy Heels”, and even getting the chance to volunteer at the zoo during the “Wild Lights” program. I have not only been able to meet and get to know others like myself from different companies, but I have also been able to meet and get to know the other participants that are from MTM. MTM represents the largest group for this particular program, and that alone makes me proud to work for a company that invests so much in their employees with such programs as this one.  Thank you MTM for seeing an opportunity with myself to allow me to be a part of such a great program that will help me succeed here at MTM.”

Ashley Smith, Training Coach

Ashley N. Smith

“Through this program, I’ve grown professionally in many ways. I’ve enjoyed participating in the training classes and gaining knowledge regarding leadership, prioritization, and even 401K! The networking events are beneficial, as they allow me to speak with young professionals of other organizations.  As a result of this program, my goals are more clearly defined, my organizational skills have improved, I’ve become a stronger leader, and my dedication to my position and MTM has been re-defined!  I’ve also gained valuable experience through volunteer events that we’ve attended.  Recently, I volunteered at a ranch for rescued horses, bulls, llamas, and other animals. This experience was eye-opening.  I have enjoyed my participation in this program and am grateful for the progress and connections I’ve already made.  I would strongly recommend this program to anyone looking to further their career.  I take great pride in being recognized as a “Young Professional!”

Nathan Lee, Internal Auditor

Nathaniel (Nate) Lee

“AAIM’s “30 Under 30” group has been a great program for my professional growth. The program’s meetings have given me the tools to where I can communicate more effectively and better connect with those both inside and outside MTM. The volunteer opportunities are rewarding and fun, and the networking events give me the opportunity to advertise MTM and grow professionally by possibly receiving valuable advice and exchanging ideas.”

Samantha Hellmann, Workforce Coordinator

Samantha Hellman

“Being in the AAIM 30 Under 30 program has helped me grow professionally and personally. I have found out that I really enjoy getting out in the St. Louis Community volunteering and attending networking events. I volunteered at the Zoo for the Wild Lights and I was paired with Brynn, who is in HR at Enterprise, to reach out to Wild Lights goers to complete surveys. We got to know each other on a personal level as we walked the zoo to find candidates for our survey and we got to see all of the lights – something I had not experienced before and they were beautiful. We had laughed and took in the scenery in the bitter cold, but it was by far my favorite event. I always thought that I was a successful and driven person, but being a part of this program has helped further develop that. I find satisfaction in meeting new people who share the same drive for success and through this program I have met other young professionals from different companies, such as World Wide Technologies, Enterprise, and AAIM. Throughout the course of these classes, I have learned how to work with coworkers who share a different work ethic, how to climb the corporate ladder, and how to achieve personal and financial success. This has helped me grow with MTM by accepting a new position as Workforce Analyst. I am now an acting team lead and I use what I have learned to better communicate with coworkers and manage my time efficiently to make my days run smoothly.”

Sarah Null, Ambulance Authorization Specialist

Sarah Null

“The “30 Under 30” group has increased my background knowledge in personal finance, networking and ways to advance my career. I found the personal finance lecture to be particularly helpful. Both the volunteer and networking events I attended made it easy for me to get to know some of my peers in my groups. “30 Under 30” has also introduced me to people at MTM who I would not have met otherwise, and has given me a greater working knowledge of MTM’s different departments.”


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