Baby onesies

UHC/Cradle Cincinnati Baby Shower

On May 7th, ETO Coordinator Sunja Bennett spent her Saturday at the UHC and Cradle Cincinnati Baby Shower located in Cincinnati, OH in support of soon-to-be mother beneficiaries of the health plan.  She brought with her a gift card to Babies ‘R Us MTM had donated to the cause.  UHC also had giveaways, door prizes, and games as well as presenters on important topics such as breastfeeding, safe sleep, and infant mortality. Demonstrations on how to make homemade baby food and infant CPR were performed as well.  A room was available for children’s activities, such as the Creation Station for decorating onesies. Sunja was able to present members with handouts full of member information for calling in a reservation, featuring information such as the difference between urgent vs. routine and scheduled vs. will call return rides, as well as expectations of rides and drivers.  Two of the UHC members in attendance even utilized MTM to attend the baby shower! Thank you to Sunja for representing our values through her dedicated outreach over the weekend!


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