TriMet Awards LIFT Assessment Contract to MTM

LAKE SAINT LOUIS, MO, – Medical Transportation Management, Inc. (MTM) announced today that it received a contract award from the Tri-County Metropolitan District of Oregon (TriMet). Under the two-year contract, MTM will conduct functional assessments for ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) paratransit eligibility services. MTM will begin providing service under the new contract beginning February 2010.

Alaina Maciá, MTM’s President and CEO said, “We offer TriMet a unique combination of healthcare and transportation knowledge. Our current transportation management contracts require us to perform over 10,500 needs assessments annually. The step into ADA assessments was a logical one.”

TriMet provides one million trips each year to eligible LIFT riders. TriMet LIFT is a shared ride, public transportation service for individuals with disabilities in the Portland metropolitan area. The service includes door-to-door and curb-to-curb service to passengers with cognitive, psychiatric, or visual impairments that prevent independent use of other fixed route transit resources. This contract represents a shift from over-the-phone assessments to in-person functional assessments. The in-person functional assessment will allow TriMet to best match the applicant with the most appropriate mode of travel based on the applicant’s functional abilities.

Maciá added, “MTM’s vision is to expand our services to the ADA paratransit market to provide it with similar cost savings that MTM has achieved for its clients in the Medicaid transportation industry. As ADA paratransit budgets are being continually constrained, and transportation service requests are continually increasing, agencies are looking for ways to appropriately contain costs while still delivering their mission of providing transportation access to disabled populations. MTM is well positioned to aid these agencies in call center operations, ADA eligibility assessments and travel training services.”


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