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MTM Migrates 100% of NEMT Trips and Calls to MTM Link Platform

As of November 4, 2021, MTM is pleased to announce that we are now running 100% of our nationwide trip and call volume through our proprietary MTM Link platform. Custom-built for MTM’s non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) operations, MTM Link is a state-of-the-art, member-centric technology solution that fully digitizes the NEMT experience for all stakeholders. The routing, scheduling, and dispatching platform provides intuitive systems that simplify the NEMT process for our clients, members, transportation providers, and medical facility partners across the nation.

From trip entry, to transportation provider assignment, to claims submission, MTM Link’s end-to-end platform fully automates every aspect of NEMT operation. Through the industry-leading technology solution, MTM offers all stakeholders enhanced benefits and a seamless NEMT experience:

  • MTM and transportation providers benefit from an intelligent routing and scheduling process, resulting in optimized dispatching to providers
  • MTM staff, clients, and members have real-time visibility and transparency into trip performance, including estimated arrival times based on automatic vehicle location (AVL) tracking
  • Members and medical facilities have access to self-service functionality, including web portals and a mobile app, that allows them to schedule, confirm, cancel, and manage trips without calling MTM
  • Transportation providers have convenient tools, including a web portal, mobile app, and ability to integrate with existing dispatch software via API, to manage assigned trips, accept trips on the road, capture member signatures, and submit claims

“It’s never been more apparent that NEMT clients and users are ready for intuitive technology that is leaps and bounds ahead of what has traditionally been available,” said MTM’s President and CEO Alaina Macia. “The MTM Link platform far exceeds the expectations of our clients, positioning our NEMT programs as models for transportation technology innovation and efficiency. Through our technology solution, we’re delivering real-time data and flexibility, providing an unmatched level of service quality and transparency. For more than 26 years, we’ve been a pioneer in the NEMT industry—it’s fitting that we are continuing to pave the way for modernization, bringing our NEMT programs into the digital age as we simultaneously improve the member experience.”


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