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MTM Launches MTM Giving, a Formal Philanthropic Program

As one of the nation’s most trusted partners in healthcare and transit, MTM prioritizes the wellbeing of the communities we serve through philanthropy. In fact, in 2017-2018, MTM donated more than $200,000 to national organizations, as well as causes like hurricane and disaster relief, school supply drives, and holiday giving.

In 2019, we are excited to continue making a difference with the launch of the MTM Giving program. The mission of MTM Giving is simple: empowering our team members to engage in their community and support philanthropic causes, with a focus on diversity, wellness, and our youth. Through MTM Giving, MTM will support our employee’s passions while achieving the following goals:

  • Make a positive impact on societal issues
  • Build upon MTM’s core values
  • Inspire employees and community
  • Support philanthropic causes
  • Partner to reduce barriers

“Nationwide, our diverse employee base is always willing to give back and contribute. With MTM Giving, we’re bringing all of our philanthropic efforts in house, which allows us make a significant impact on the non-profit organizations that matter most to our staff,” said MTM President and CEO Alaina Macia. “The most exciting aspect of MTM Giving is that the organizations we choose to support are nominated by our employees, making our efforts truly impactful within our communities.”

Earlier this year, the MTM Giving committee asked employees to nominate organizations they personally support. After receiving more than 60 nominations from 10 states, our leadership team selected national and regional charities that align with the MTM Giving mission to be our primary partners for philanthropic efforts. MTM will support the selected charities throughout the year with financial donations, as well as commitment from employees to be involved through volunteer and community service opportunities.

Click here to learn more about the MTM Giving program, and stay tuned to learn more about our efforts!


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