We're excited to announce the official launch of our Mobile Integrated Health (MIH) solution leveraging the Julota platform!

MTM Launches National Mobile Integrated Health (MIH) Solution Leveraging Julota

MTM, one of the nation’s leading non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) brokers, has officially launched a Mobile Integrated Health (MIH) solution leveraging the Julota platform. Designed to revolutionize the way health plans nationwide deliver healthcare—particularly in rural communities—MTM’s MIH model represents a comprehensive approach to bringing care directly to members, wherever they may be.

“Accessing healthcare doesn’t always have to begin and end with a ride. At MTM, we believe our clients’ members deserve innovative solutions that go beyond transportation—a goal we achieve by focusing on the healthcare event and the member experience,” said MTM’s President and CEO Alaina Macia. “Our Mobile Integrated Health solution is a testament to our commitment to delivering higher quality and more cost-effective member-centered care.”

MIH is a care delivery model that leverages resources among EMS, healthcare providers, in-home services, community-based organizations, virtual care platforms, and health plans to bring care directly to the member. Similar to community paramedicine, this approach aims to reduce hospital readmissions, promote healthier communities, increase access in underserved areas, decrease costs associated with non-emergent 911 calls, and facilitate care gap closures.

MTM’s approach to MIH goes beyond traditional community paramedicine to seamlessly integrate transportation and care at home services with EMS providers and preferred telehealth partners. This integration serves as a one-stop shop for members to access care outside of a hospital setting, with entry points including direct interactions with members and referrals from case management, community healthcare organizations, and local fire and EMS resources.

To support MIH interactions and workflows, MTM leverages Julota, a flexible and secure cloud-based platform. Julota is an interoperable health data solution that connects data systems and offers industry-leading MIH software to link members with the right services and resources at the right time.

“MTM’s Mobile Integrated Health solution is a powerful tool that can improve health outcomes and support wellness for a variety of populations and use cases,” said Julota’s CEO, Scott Cravens. “The Julota platform enables MTM to connect the helper community and automate complex workflows, referrals, and tracking to facilitate continuity of care.”

Leveraging the Julota platform, MTM can customize workflows specifically to fit each of our clients’ individual needs. The platform also gives clients access to real-time trends and cost of care metrics, as well as automated daily, weekly, and ad hoc reporting and dashboards.

“Our MIH approach is designed to complement existing healthcare systems and fill gaps in service delivery, especially in areas where access to healthcare may be limited or resources are stretched thin,” added MTM’s National Director of Mobile Integrated Health Kelly Turpin. “By addressing social determinants of health such as housing, transportation, food insecurity, and education, MTM aims to improve health outcomes, reduce emergency department visits and hospital readmissions, decrease healthcare costs, and enhance overall community wellness.”

About MTM

MTM is the nation’s most trusted and qualified partner for healthcare, transportation, and logistics solutions. Since 1995, MTM has managed NEMT for state and county governments, managed care organizations, health systems, and other programs involving transportation for the disabled, underserved, and elderly. Leveraging technology to streamline processes and improve the user experience for all stakeholders, MTM’s wide spectrum of services help clients improve health outcomes, promote independence, reduce costs, and increase satisfaction. In 2009, MTM’s leadership established MTM Transit, an affiliate that provides direct paratransit and fixed route transit services. Every year, MTM and MTM Transit collectively remove community barriers for 15 million people by providing more than 25 million trips in 36 states and the District of Columbia. MTM and MTM Transit are privately held, woman-owned business enterprises.

About Julota

Julota is a community interoperability platform that automates the complex collaboration needed within the care community to effectively address the basic living, medical, and mental health needs of vulnerable populations to improve public health outcomes and expand the impact of limited local resources. Julota is an acronym for “Just Love On Them Always,” reflecting our creed to provide care coordination, patient navigation, and data sharing for a community’s most at-risk populations.

The software platform is used for data collection, analytics, predictive analysis, automated processes/networking, and AI-driven community navigation. Julota provides a platform for municipalities, counties and states to:

  • Provide services directly to individuals seeking assistance
  • Coordinate with other individuals or organizations to provide services to individuals seeking assistance that it does not provide directly
  • Cooperate and collaborate with other organizations to identify services needed for individuals seeking assistance
  • Assemble, monitor, and direct the care of individuals seeking assistance

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