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Health Plan of Michigan Returns to MTM

LAKE SAINT LOUIS, MO – Medical Transportation Management, Inc. (MTM) announced today the return of longtime client, Health Plan of Michigan (HPM). MTM originally began serving the beneficiaries of HPM in 1999 and continued through 2007. Recently, HPM reselected MTM as their transportation manager with services to begin on November 1, 2010. MTM will coordinate non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) for those HPM members who are otherwise unable to get to and from medical appointments and services.

Health Plan of Michigan is the largest Medicaid HMO in the State of Michigan, providing health care coverage to over 268,000 Medicaid enrollees through a contract with the Michigan Department of Community Health (DCH). Currently, HPM operates in 64 of the 68 counties in the lower peninsula.

“Providing our members access to high quality health care is always the top priority. Contracting with MTM represents one more way of removing barriers for our members. We look forward to working with MTM with a shared commitment to quality services,” said Raymond Pitera, Vice President of Provider Services for HPM.

MTM is excited to once again serve the HPM beneficiaries. Kim Matreci, Vice President of Client Services said, “We are thrilled at the opportunity to provide safe, high quality transportation to important medical services for HPM’s members. We will work tirelessly to exceed HPM’s expectations and those of their members, ensuring a smooth and successful transition, as well as continual excellent service.”


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