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MO HealthNet’s Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) program provides free rides for eligible MO HealthNet participants. Call MTM to set up a ride to a covered service if you have no other way to get there.

If you are eligible for NEMT, MTM can arrange rides for you to go to an appointment with a MO HealthNet provider near your home. If the provider is far away, you may need to get a note from your doctor.

MTM cannot arrange rides for you to go to:

  • The pharmacy (unless you have a scheduled vaccination appointment);
  • Certain Durable Medical Equipment (DME) services;
  • Some Comprehensive Substance Treatment Abuse and Rehabilitation (CSTAR) services;
  • Developmental Disability (DD) Waiver Services;
  • Some Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation (CPR) services;
  • Adult day care services; or
  • Services provided in your home

MTM is dedicated to providing safe, reliable rides. If you are a MO HealthNet participant, medical facility, or transportation provider seeking more information about NEMT services, select one of the pages in the menu above for details specific to your needs.

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Melissa Workman

Melissa Workman
Program Director

To schedule transportation:

Call MTM at 1-866-269-5927 (TTY: 711). If you live in an urban county, call at least two (2) days before your appointment, unless your trip is urgent. If you live in a basic or rural county, call at least three (3) days before your appointment, unless your trip is urgent. MTM schedules routine trips Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. You can schedule urgent trips 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can also use our MTM Link mobile app or web portal to schedule your rides.

If your ride is late:

Call MTM at 1-866-269-5944 (TTY: 711) if:

  • You have waited more than 15 minutes after the pick-up time scheduled during the original ride request
  • You have waited more than one (1) hour after calling MTM to schedule a return ride, if a return ride was not scheduled during the original request
  • You cannot reach the driver

To file a complaint:

MTM wants to always provide excellent service. Call MTM’s “We Care Line” at 1-866-436-0457 (TTY: 711) if you have a complaint about the service you received. You may also use our convenient online form. MTM will follow up on all complaints.

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