Is your health plan ready to bridge gaps in care through the power of Mobile Integrated Health? Secure your spot for our MIH webinar!

MIH Webinar: Join MTM for MHPA’s Webinar Wednesday

Is your health plan ready to bridge gaps in care through the power of Mobile Integrated Health (MIH)? We have the webinar for you! As part of Medicaid Health Plans of America (MHPA)’s Webinar Wednesday series, join representatives from MTM and Everyday Life Consulting for an MIH webinar! Our panelists will explore how MIH is revolutionizing the way health plans nationwide–particularly in rural communities–offer healthcare access to their members.

What is MIH?

MIH models like MTM’s were created to bridge gaps and bring care directly to members, delivering medical care and support when and where they need it. MIH programs seamlessly integrate technology, community paramedicine, Community Health Worker resources, and community-based organizations to deliver proactive, patient-centered care. By addressing social determinants of health and leveraging real-time data, MIH solutions like MTM’s identify and fill gaps in care, reducing unnecessary hospital visits and improving overall health outcomes.

Meet Our Panelists

Kelly Turpin
Director, Mobile Integrated Health

Stan Alford, National Registered Paramedic
Program Director

Shannon Lijewski, NCHW
Everyday Life Consulting LLC

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