Fleet Management Webinar

Emphasizing Preventive Maintenance in All Processes

Fleet Management Webinar

A strong, secure fleet requires safety and cleanliness at every turn.

It calls for a strong relationship between operational and maintenance functions, proper inspections, thorough training, and robust quality assurance efforts.

In our Fleet Management Webinar, experienced panelists will share preventive maintenance tactics that lead to a culture of communication and trust. With tips for driver training on pre- and post- inspections, proper equipment use, and communicating with mechanics, your organization will leave with innovative ideas for instituting a preventive maintenance program. Our panelists will also share best practices for high quality fleet management: scheduling repairs before issues surface, thorough documentation of all inspections, and purchasing quality parts.

Maintenance can play a part in each and every decision made and action performed within your organization. Find out how on May 2!

Webinar Materials

Driver standing in front of his bus

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