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  • When assisting a member with calling their transportation provider for pick up, please ensure that the member is finished with their appointment and ready for pick up before the call is placed.
    1. Please keep in mind that our providers are only required to wait 10 -15 additional minutes after they have arrived to pick up a member if the member has a designated pickup time.
    2. “Will Call” rides without a designated pickup time, requiring a call for return ride placed after services rendered, will have to wait 60 minutes or less for a return ride.
  • When assisting a member with scheduling transportation, please be sure to arrange the reservation to reflect the time you would like the member to arrive.
    1. If it is necessary for a member to arrive 10-15 minutes early to ensure their punctuality prior to their appointment, please schedule the trip to reflect this accommodation.
  • If you are having issues contacting a member’s transportation provider for pickup, please reach out to MTM’s “Where’s My Ride” line at 1-888-513-0706 (HHSC) or 1-844-549-8356 (MTO) for immediate assistance.


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