Wisconsin Transportation Providers

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing high quality transportation services to Wisconsin Medicaid and BadgerCare Plus members, MTM, Inc. is currently recruiting and contracting with transportation providers throughout the state. If you are interested in joining MTM’s Wisconsin NEMT network, find out more about our recruiting and credentialing process and fill out our questionnaire.

MTM, Inc. also offers our network opportunities for development, success, education, and advancement through our training programs. Many of you have already attended our introductory meetings and training sessions throughout the state; however, throughout the life of this contract we will post additional training opportunities and locations to ensure you remain up-to-date on all MTM, Inc. requirements. Check back periodically for more details; we will also send out email notifications when sessions are scheduled. Click here for some of our standard training presentations and activities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

MTM’s transportation provider recruiting process consists of application, credentialing, and contracting phases. You will work with a designated Contract Representative to successfully complete each phase. For more information and to join our network, click here.
Per RFP and state requirements, MTM’s transportation provider network must have specific credentialing and qualifications, including training elements. Click here for more information about the credentialing and contracting process, and here for details on training requirements.
Yes, MTM, Inc. will accept these results as long as the tests and checks meet MTM’s provider contract and state requirements. Background checks must be updated annually and pulled from the national database.
MTM, Inc. communicates trip assignments and details to transportation providers electronically through our Electronic Trip Download (ETD) system. Providers also receive a fax for the first 30 days of their contract with MTM to ensure that all trips are received and allow the provider to become comfortable with ETD system.
MTM, Inc. does not reimburse transportation providers for member no shows. After MTM, Inc. confirms the trip, you should also confirm the transport and pick-up time with the member on the day prior to the scheduled trip. If a member indicates that they won’t be attending their appointment at that point in time, you should cancel the trip through our Provider Trip Management (PTM) application.
All information that you receive for trips assigned to your company will be verified by MTM, Inc. with the member and facility. Therefore, it is as accurate as possible when it is sent to you. However, you should confirm the trip pick-up and drop-off locations and times during your pre-trip confirmation call to the member. If you find an error in the provided information during this call, you should notify our Transportation Provider Helpdesk as quickly as possible at 1-877-892-3997 or tphelpdesk@mtm-inc.net to ensure you receive proper payment.
All details regarding rates are discussed and determined with transportation providers on an individual basis.
All insurance policies must cover a vehicle with a passenger when there is a fee involved. Currently, Progressive does not offer this coverage and only covers passengers without fees. If Progressive insurance is submitted by your company, it will be rejected.
All transportation providers must have general and automobile liability policies of no less than $1,000,000 each. MTM, Inc. must be listed as a Certificate Holder and Additional Insured on both polices. Additionally, your company must hold worker’s compensation insurance that meets state requirements; MTM, Inc. must also be listed as a Certificate Holder on this policy.
MTM, Inc. enters sub-locations into our system to determine your facility’s location. Both the exact location and zip code can be entered to reflect where your vehicles are stationed. This is determined through the full questionnaire and review process of the service area you submit to MTM, Inc. during the contracting process.
MTM’s provider contract is aligned to reflect RFP and state requirements. We are not able to change the information in the set contract.
No, providers cannot work together unless the companies you represent are under one company name. This would require all sub-companies to become dba’s under one ownership as reflected on the provider contract, insurance certificates, and W-9 forms.
Yes. All SMV providers must be enrolled with ForwardHealth.
MTM’s office is located in Madison at 5117 W. Terrace, Suite 400, and maintains regular business hours of 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. The main phone number for this location is 866-831-4130, and the fax number is 866-686-7618. We will also have Network Management staff representation in Milwaukee throughout the life of this contract for transportation provider convenience.
Questions and comments can be directed to our Transportation Provider Helpdesk at 1-877-892-3997 or tphelpdesk@mtm-inc.net.