Provider Resources & Tips: Slippery Roads

Slippery roads

Roads and walkways can become slippery at any time of the year with ice, snow, rain, or even heavy dew. Regardless of the season and where you are on the national map, please make sure your drivers take these precautions when walking, driving, and assisting members in slippery conditions.

Footing Traction

  • Improve footing traction by wearing boots or overshoes.
  • Avoid smooth surfaced or plastic soled shoes.
  • Allow extra time to get to where you are going and take short steps. Research indicates that pointing the feet slightly outward improves stability and will help you keep your center of balance.
  • Avoid uneven surfaces and curbs covered with ice.
  • Exit the vehicle carefully. Swing both legs around and place both feet on the ground before you attempt to stand. Gain your balance before standing and reach only within your center of balance to get assistance from the door.
  • Always use sidewalks and cleared paths, shortcuts may cause a fall in the long run.
  • Avoid walking between parked cars.
  • Use extreme care when stepping up or down curbs or stairs.
  • Keep in mind, a grassy hill can be just as slippery as snowy steps.

Safe Member Assistance

  • Along with keeping drivers safe and injury free, member safety is of utmost importance. Always adhere to MTM’s Transportation Provider Guidelines. Make sure your drivers know their responsibilities.
  • Members must use seat belts properly. As needed, drivers must assist the member with securing the seat belt. If a member refuses to comply with this requirement, the driver must stop travel until the seat belt is properly in place.
  • Drivers must open and close vehicle doors for members entering or exiting the vehicle. Unless the trip is only for curb-to-curb service, the driver must provide safe assistance (if needed) to or from the main door or reception area of the destination.
  • Members who, under clear weather conditions do not need help, may need assistance under slippery weather conditions.
  • Drivers should always play it safe, assist the member, and take note of the measures listed above about safe footing traction.
  • For safe curb-to-curb service, drivers must ensure that the member enters and exits the vehicle in an unobstructed and safe area. Remember: avoid uneven surfaces and curbs covered with ice.

Vehicle Traction Facts

  • A vehicle may only have 10% to 20% traction on snow-covered roads compared to a dry road surface.
  • Reduced traction can limit the driver’s ability to maneuver the vehicle properly whether accelerating, braking, or steering. Therefore, reduced traction requires reduced speed.
  • Always maintain a safe speed for road and weather conditions. Loss of traction will happen at a much lower speed in snow versus a dry road surface.

Vehicle Supplies

  • The motto, “Be Prepared,” is not just for Boy Scouts. MTM’s Transportation Provider Guidelines require all vehicles to have (among other items) a first aid kit, spill kit, three reflective triangles, and an approved accident/incident form.
  • A pre-trip inspection should confirm that the vehicle has the required equipment.
  • Also, ensure that all drivers have completed required training including first aid and accident procedures.

Accidents Happen

  • In the event that you have an accident or vehicle break down, you must notify MTM immediately if the incident will cause the member to be 15 minutes or more late for his/her appointment. In addition, make alternate plans to complete the trip in a timely manner and ensure the member makes his/her appointment.


  • Exercise good judgment when weighing the decision to complete a trip during inclement weather. MTM understands that transportation providers make their best effort to complete trips especially recurring and urgent transports. However, if it is in the best interest of safety not to complete a transport due to unsafe road or travel conditions, notify MTM and the member immediately of the situation and decision.
  • Open lines of communication will ensure safety and uphold quality service standards.
  • It is a good idea to review the MTM’s Transportation Provider Guidelines and Inclement Weather Policy as a refresher course.

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