The Many Faces of the Transportation Dependent video

The Many Faces of the Transportation Dependent

One barrier that continually stands in the way of populations like individuals with disabilities, the elderly, and those with complex medical needs: transportation. Whether you are an 84-year-old who uses a wheelchair and needs an accessible ride to a routine check-up, a 30-year-old Medicaid member battling substance use who doesn’t have a car to get to treatments, or an 8-year-old with Leukemia who needs daily rides to chemotherapy, access to transportation is critical. Without access to a reliable car or public transit, nearly four million Americans miss or delay medical care every year. And, when routine medical care is delayed, the results are staggering: worsening health conditions and outcomes, increased utilization of ER services, and higher rates of inpatient hospitalizations.

Now–during an unprecedented time when many Americans are losing their jobs and turning to Medicaid–the faces of the transportation dependent have never been more diverse. Click play on the video above to hear, in their own words, how a lack of reliable rides can have a negative impact on the health and wellbeing of the transportation dependent.

Thank you to our partners at Paraquad for making MTM’s vision for this production come to life.


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