Every quarter, MTM’s Senior Director of Digital Products Nader Hawit shares his knowledge and expertise in the world of SDOH. This quarter, he's here to explain how MTM is supporting caregivers and seniors with our new aging-in-place solution, Wanda!

Social Determinants of Health: Meet Wanda, MTM’s Aging-in-Place Solution

Every quarter, MTM’s Senior Director of Digital Products Nader Hawit shares his knowledge and expertise in the world of Social Determinants of Health (SDOH). Nader’s quarterly articles focus on MTM’s latest updates related to combatting social determinants, staying in tune with SDOH news and outcomes, and more.

In 2024, MTM is focused on introducing new ways to tackle SDOH and improve health outcomes nationwide, from a Mobile Integrated Health (MIH) solution to technology that supports caregivers. Our goal remains the same: to solve for social determinants of health through quality transportation aimed at removing community barriers. The latest way we’re meeting this goal? Through our newest platform, an aging-in-place solution called Wanda!

Meet Wanda

Caring for loved ones isn’t always easy. Aging-in-place comes with its ups and downs, specifically related to social determinants of health—which is why MTM created Wanda, a secure, easy-to-use platform that supports caregivers with remote care delivery.

As family members age, schedules and family life don’t necessarily move at their pace. The struggle of juggling your own family, career, health, and time while also trying to support a parent or grandparent can get overwhelming. Wanda reduces the burden and takes on the responsibility of coordinating services to help individuals focus on their own determinants such as economic stability, education, food stability, and more.

Where Can I Find Wanda?

MTM and Wanda are leading the way in helping mitigate the impact of SDOH. We recently launched Wanda in the Phoenix, Arizona area, and have big plans to make aging in place totally normal—and easy—in communities nationwide. There are about 1.5 million adults ages 60 and older who reside in Arizona, many of whom are supported by informal and unpaid caregivers such as family, friends, and neighbors who provide daily or intermittent care.

Arizona presents a tremendous opportunity to address the large number of aging individuals affected by social determinants, while also empowering their caregivers. Wanda has officially launched in Phoenix and will expand to the greater Tucson area soon, an area where we see similar needs. We are excited to impact communities across the state!

How Does Wanda Address SDOH?

Wanda is designed to make aging in place easy. An article from the Arizona State Plan on Aging says, “Each individual (in this specific demographic) encounters unique challenges, limitations and resource constraints. Their one resounding goal is to live with dignity, in safety, and as independently as possible.” With a commitment to providing top-notch care and fostering a special connection between caregivers and their loved ones, Wanda is designed to make aging at home a seamless and stress-free experience.

Arizona’s 60+ population is projected to grow more rapidly than any other age cohort in the state, in addition to the areas of ethnicity, race, and cultural diversity. Because of this rich diversity, social determinants are inevitable. This is where Wanda comes in! While the population continues to increase and age, Wanda’s goal is to decrease negative outcomes of social determinants through reliable community transportation services.

As Wanda founder and MTM President and CEO Alaina Macia says, “At the heart of what we do is our mission of linking you or loved ones to the kind of care we’d want for our very own family. It’s all about that special connection and top-notch care.”

Ready to experience Wanda and watch as we expand to more services and locations nationwide? Follow along on our social media channels to learn more about Wanda and our mission to revolutionize aging in place technology. When you need care, remember, Wanda is there.

Follow Wanda’s journey to introduce healthier aging communities!

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