People-First Mentality: Alaina Macia Reflects on Career Development at MTM

The job market has never been hotter for job seekers–and there’s never been a better time to join an organization that operates with a people-first mentality. As our President and CEO Alaina Macia says, what MTM does, simply put, is people.

In every aspect of our operation, we are focused on hiring great people and then helping them progress their careers and skillsets through training, coaching, and mentoring opportunities. In this video, Alaina explains what she means by a people-first mentality, and why our internal community is incredibly important. Click play on the video in the header area of this post to see the clip and hear straight from Alaina why it means so much to her to see her teammates progress through their MTM careers.

From tuition reimbursement to leadership development programs, MTM offers our teammates the opportunity to grow on the job. Sound ideal to you? Check out our open careers!


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