NEMT is Complicated. MTM Makes it Simple.

As the industry’s leading NEMT broker, MTM’s nationwide operations allow us to quickly deploy our experience, expertise, and proven management approach to provide high quality service to our clients’ members. To back up this expertise, we leverage Reveal—MTM’s custom, purpose-built technology—to deliver a top-notch member experience, reduce and eliminate missed trips, and provide reliable, transparent data to our clients. Watch the video above to learn more about this advanced platform!

Deliver a Top-Notch Member Experience

MTM developed a member-facing mobile application called MTM Link that provides full transparency throughout an entire trip. From self-service capabilities for trip booking, cancellation, confirmation, and Where’s My Ride? functionality, to real-time tracking and notifications that allow the member to see when their driver is en route and when they have arrived, MTM Link makes every trip transparent. Additionally, ghosted phone numbers allow for direct communication between the member and driver, making the trip seamless from start to finish.

Reduce & Eliminate Missed Trips

Zero missed trips is MTM’s audacious goal, and Reveal is making that a reality. With real-time automatic vehicle location and GPS monitoring, Reveal allows MTM to maximize routing and scheduling efficiencies and track transportation provider performance like never before. Our team can view and monitor vehicle timeliness at any given minute, monitoring on-time performance and reassigning trips as necessary when indicators predict the driver arriving late for a pick-up. Additionally, through our driver-facing app, drivers are able to access data and track vehicle location right from their smart phones—with no extra tablet or equipment required. For providers who prefer to continue using their current technology, we’ve constructed real-time data exchange through API integration to ensure continual data flow and no disruption to the provider’s workflow.

Provide Reliable, Transparent Data

We continually hear from our clients that they need transparent, reliable data to make programmatic decisions and improve NEMT services. With Reveal, MTM gives clients access to a single source of real-time and historical data right at their fingertips through a dedicated portal. Data is synchronized in real-time to ensure up-to-the-minute integrity.

Results that Speak Volumes

We have been actively deploying the Reveal system statewide in Florida since early 2018. Transportation providers and drivers using the new technology are thrilled with how user-friendly and fast it is, saying Reveal is the best software they’ve ever used. They are already seeing time and cost savings, as Reveal simplifies their dispatching functions and requires very little redirection from their staff. Our clients and members are experiencing the results too:

  • Reduction in cost per trip log: 5%
  • Reduction in cost per mile: 6%
  • Reduction in missed trips: 96%
  • Reduction in turnbacks: 33%
  • Reduction in member no shows: 52%